Monday, October 09, 2006


Basque Evening 2
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I like wedding gifts. Especially those that you can save for times when you need a bit of a pick up. We took advantage of the gift voucher for a weekend in the south-west and zoomed off on Friday in the TGV from Paris, destination South-West France.

Two nights and three days of discovery in an area that was new to Frog and me. Things that I found out:

  • Frog can comfortably put away five cakes in one day.
  • I can happily eat confit de canard every night, if offered.
  • If you order a rather rough local red, you don't notice after the first couple of mouthfuls. That is, as long as you don't try and taste it but swallow it down quickly. You can pleasantly manage a whole bottle that way.
  • We'll both believe we're exercising the food away by wandering around our temporary weekend home town.
  • Even a small branch of the largest bank in France (probably) blends into the local style.
  • The Salies de BĂ©arn salt water has many uses, we enjoyed taking advantage of being pampered with the mineralising spa treatments.
  • We didn't giggle too much at the sight of each other wrapped up in hot mud packs.
  • The Atlantique's waves provide a surfer's paradise.
  • You can spend a Sunday afternoon sunbathing in the city of Biarritz followed by a stroll around an art exhibition.
  • If your stomach is big enough, it can stretch to one final Basque meal before heading back on a night train and couchette to Reims via Paris.

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