Sunday, November 13, 2005

Quirky Facts

I was tagged by Andrea a couple of weeks ago. This is a bit of a recycle from last January. But I figure a lot of readers weren't around back then!
  • I grew up with my Mum & younger sister in Dorset, my grandma lived just down the road. Quite the female powerhouse...
  • I have a half brother from my Dad's second marriage.
  • My brother is 14 years old and lives in London with his Mum.
  • My brother and I look more like each other than my sister and I. That's because we both have large noses. He hasn't developed the complex yet.
  • My mum is 7 1/2 inches shorter than me - I grew up thinking I was a giant freak. I never realised it was her who was the abnormal one.
  • All sides of my family have blue eyes.
  • I can say "My name is Anna", count to ten and manage to order in a market in Hindi.
  • I used to play the oboe and the cor anglais. I became quite good but my mum said listening to me learn was like listening to a cow in pain.
  • I played in the Dorset Youth Orchestra and spent weekends and holidays on residential courses at a very expensive boarding school which had the biggest cockroaches I have still ever seen. That put a seal on my opinion of private education.
  • I used to go the school where my mum teaches. Luckily she only started doing the sex ed classes after I left.
  • I scraped a"C" in A level French because I never concentrated on the grammar. Plus ├ža change...
  • I moved to New York to work for 2 years when I was 27 years old, I lived on the Upper West Side and discovered the joys of Jewish Delis.
  • I learnt to rollerblade in Central Park.
  • I was living in Manhattan on 9/11/01.
  • After working in India when I was 18 years old, I travelled on my own for 2 months and freaked my mother out. She said she has vowed never to worry so much over me again.
  • I later travelled on my own to Egypt & Thailand. I liked travelling alone and meeting new people but am happy now I've found a frog as travelling companion.
  • I used to think I wanted to work in the theatre as a producer until I decided that I couldn't bear to spend my life around actor types.
  • Instead, I now work out new ways to market soap, pasta sauce & washing powder.
  • I tried working out new ways to market software, hardware and business services but it wasn't as much fun.
  • Because I have moved around in the last 13 years most of my friends are around the world.
  • I used to have a nose stud.
  • The first time I went skiing I broke my wrist and the first time I really snowboarded I tore part of my knee.
  • General consensus is that I am rather clumsy.
  • Happily, even though Frog is very sporty he matches me in clumsiness (I am not allowed to mention his rollerblading dark tunnel incident anymore).
  • When the ambulance came to pick up the frog at exit of the dark tunnel, even though we'd been seeing each other for 3 months I didn't know his address to tell the ambulancemen. I got a distinct 'you English floozy' look from the men.

I think everybody on this planet has now done this meme, so no tagging, but feel free to play along....

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