Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Someone is looking down on me today.
  • For the first time in 10 days the trains ran without any strikes, faults on the lines or delays
  • My taxi driver this morning wasn't blaring his radio, sniffing, grinding his teeth or shouting into his mobile
  • There were no traffic jams on the way from the station to the office
  • I had very few emails in my inbox
  • I have ticked everything off my to do list for the day
  • I am flying to Copenhagen tonight for meetings tomorrow and the weather forecast says it'll be above zero with no snow
  • I am staying in this fabulous hotel tonight. I will arrive around early evening and snuggle up for the night with a book, my i-pod and room service.

Back to business on Thursday. My birthday has crept up on me this year... I shall be having a fairly low key day that day. My birthday present from Frog will be happening at a rather stunning restaurant which will have a post devoted to after the weekend ....

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