Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Trading Places

Chirac, his favourite Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin and the charming Sarkozy, are in Reims today. Something to do with moving industry and innovation forward in France. Lovely.

I am in Paris.

And from tonight until Thursday evening I will be in Hamburg. Lucky, lucky me.

Last night we had the Frog Family round for an apéro and nibbles before dinner. We were showing off (some) of our developments in home decoration and getting together before Father Frog goes into hospital tomorrow for a operation that's going to put him out of action for a while. He was determined to wine and dine on, as he put it, "his last day". It was the one way to ensure he got the bottle of the Bordeaux he wanted at the restaurant, much to the tutting of Mother Frog.

Frog and I made a little gift for him, courtesy of Flickr. We created a framed personal magazine cover to mark the beginning of Father Frog's retirement. I made a 'nice' version and then Frog took over as copywriter and it became a little more sarcastic in tone. But we made quite a good little creative couple, me as Creative & Art Director and Frog on copy. The fact we were rushing to finish at midnight took me right back to agency life in London, panicking before a pitch. Well. Almost.

Bon. I'm off. Back on Friday.

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