Sunday, August 28, 2005

Froggisms # 2

It's been a good few months since the last set of Froggisms, and he doesn't seem to be as generous as before. Since moving to Reims, Frog has been speaking more French and we're often verging into dangerous Franglais territory - where it's quicker to literally translate a phrase or carry over the key word from French into an otherwise English conversation.

Which means that the mistakes he makes in English tend to be less inventive and less obvious. And I'm more aware of my weaknesses in French.

But I couldn't let the recent one go amiss:

Mouse Rug: as in "Now we have a new computer unit set up, we should get a nice mouse rug." Donations to all poor, cold mice welcomed.

He complains that his English fluency is disappeaing, yet, whilst in the middle of a temper fit, during the assembly of an Ikea bed, he can come out with "For f's sake, now it's awry".

Since I'm linking back to old posts, I might as well link to this one. I haven't had a good storm out for a while, until yesterday in Castorama*. When the cashier wouldn't wait longer than 20 seconds for my bankcard to connect and be authorised in the UK, I stormed out and left Frog to pay.

He joined me outside in the sunshine and with a wry smile, "Okay?"

Oiseau: Yeah, I'm just fed up with dealing with stupid people at the moment

Frog: It's just as well you've got me then

Both: Uhuh!

* Think B&Q gallic style

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