Thursday, December 01, 2005

Like a Child

I have always loved birthdays. Well, who doesn't? Gifts, attention, best wishes and cake. Bring them on!

Everyone has always known when my birthday is because it gets dropped into conversation, several weeks in advance. I like the event and I want everyone else to share in it. But then this year - I don't know if it's the wedding planning, busy work trips or just the plain old fact that I'm a couple of years into my thirties - it caught me by surprise this week.

I thought to myself, I must be more mature. This is what being in your thirties means, another year, a smile, a kiss and gifts from close family and friends.

Then yesterday, whilst I was sat in the Copenhagen office, briefing the agency team on a (rather exciting) project, it seemed to spring to my lips every few minutes. By the end of the day, I'm not sure if there's a person in the ten kilometre radius who didn't have it drummed into them...

It's my birthday today!!!

I went to the post office this morning to pick up the parcels that were waiting for me. I opened the couple of gifts and cards that had been propped up on the mantelpiece for the last couple of weeks. I bought a chocolate macaroon on the way home so I could have that with a cup of tea as I unwrapped the cashmere jumper, the book and the shiny new kitchen knife from family. The cards are propped up on the dining table and I'm just waiting in anticipation for for my swanky lunch on Saturday with the Frog.

That's it, I thought. And then the email messages, cards and messanger notes popped up. The fact that I've spent the past years ranting on means that no-one gets to forget even on a quiet year like this year. It's been tattooed on their brain! And I've quite gotten carried away with the birthday spirit, receiving an urgent "Where are you" call from a colleague who was waiting with four others for me to dial into the conference call line, and open a meeting as chairman of the call. Ooops.

Late afternoon will be a hot chocolate in a café with this lady and then a relaxed cosy evening with the Frog.


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