Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bad bad bird

Over two weeks and no post from me... it was Ben's fault. When I saw him he said "I'm so amazed how you manage to post regularly". "Oh, it doesn't really seem like an effort" I replied.

Well, blogging has been more effort than I could stretch to recently. Having moved into the flat, we had to repack bags and move out again. Nearly two weeks living back with the Frog parents in the spare room, a couple of overseas trips for work, half my team resigning and 2006 budget not being given for work next year and the result is my sanity (which naturally has a domino effect on the Frog's own patience with me) has been stretched. In addition we've had plumbers breaking the bidet and the builders wrecked the parquet in the lounge/dining room. BUT...

...the bloody builders finally left and the next day whilst I was in Paris working Frog Mum and her friend volunteered to make a first cleaning attack on the flat. Now after spending the long holiday weekend working hard (including poor worn down Frog covering for me whilst I collapsed one morning with a migraine level headache) and visiting Castorama* to the extent that the shop workers greet us as we rewalk the aisles, the result is we have a working and clean bathroom and kitchen. The new sofa has been delivered courtesy of Father Frog and van, clothes are in wardrobes and I just finished putting the books on the bookshelves. Just a lounge full of boxes and a parquet floor to restore left!

Semi-normal blogging service might be resumed soon.

* Like B&Q

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