Monday, June 27, 2005

A Clucking Good Time

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I spent a fun filled weekend in the Pas de Calais countryside celebrating an old friend's 30th birthday.

About fifteen of us pale english people (plus one franglais baby) stayed in a rather strange mini village of little gites that came complete with attendant chickens and horse, situated close to the Birthday Boy's French girlfriend's home village and family restaurant.

(In an attempt to get closer to the wildlife the horse bit me - if anyone wants to know what a horse bite looks like just imagine a big fat lovebite/hickey - and the chickens seemed to enjoy following Frog around. )

It was so relaxing to see people I've known for years and indulge in the 'do you remember when...' stories. Babies, weddings, new relationships and broken up relationships may have happened in the last eight years but the old jokes remain the same.

Equally satisfying to me was Frog turning to me on the way home and saying "you all talk very fast, don't you. It was difficult for me to get the chance to join in". Because that's usually my line in France!

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