Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Whilst I've had my nose in the fabulous bridal magazines and been up to my eyeballs in lists, Frog has been very efficiently making appointments.

The unspoken agreed process seems to be that I do the research and divide tasks, and he makes follow up calls. That is how we come to have two appointments lined up on Thursday:

9am - Notaire (Lawyer)
11am - Priest of L'Eglise Saint Jacques

I'm not so worried about the notaire, it's just to find out the options for the contrat de mariage. Both Frog and I are fairly pragmatic about these things - the 'I want to be and will commit to spending our lives together but neither of us is psychic' approach. And for things like the flat and common belongings, it's important we can now put them officially in our joint names.

Now, the priest is a different matter. I'm Protestant, and church was a very important part of my family life growing up, with a rather grey fuzzy period since I left home. But being in church, before God, for my marriage is very important. Frog is Catholic, and being in church is not a priority (although he always takes communion when there) but more of a default option. His Catholic schooling has a lot to answer for.

Frog always gets confused, and makes comments like 'but you're not a Christian'. To which I have to be patient and say 'Yes, I am. I'm just Protestant'. I think that one of our first evenings out as a couple was a long conversation, over apple martinis, with me trying to explain the difference and commonalities of the two branches of the faith. Sigh.

So, on Thursday I have to meet a priest and explain why being in a church, even though I'm not Catholic, is important to me, that I would like English elements to the service (at minimum a reading), and generally need to smile and look like a good person.

I know that one of the reasons Frog was never hot about marrying and having full mass in church is that couples have to go on an instruction day. But I hope that by just having a service of benediction (blessing) we may bypass that (and I'm not allowed to take communion in a Catholic church, heathen that I am).

We've chosen this specific church as it's our parish church, just around the corner from our flat, and it's lovely from outside (architecture, darling). And on the more pragmatic side, if we remain in France, the likelihood is that our children would be brought up Catholic. However, on peering in this weekend, I did notice a rather large crucifix at the front of the altar. Which isn't quite my Church of England* style.

Let's see how Thursday goes and, if all else fails, we'll be heading towards this place.

* After writing this, I clicked through to the CofE website to see a large homepage image of Christ on the cross. Maybe I've been away too long!

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