Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Life Goes On...

I confess I'm in list heaven. Not much real work was done yesterday, and working from home today (thanks to the strikes or mardi noir) is requiring some focus. I've done some initial research and planning, including discovering the plethora of documents the French State requires for a Brit to marry a frog. Blimey.

So here are my pre-wedding vows:
  1. I will not become a wedding bore
  2. I will find a way to ensure that my English culture and family are a clear part of the wedding (and that doesn't just mean lots of drinking)
  3. I will find an 'in-law' coping strategy
  4. I will preserve mine and the frog's mental health above all things (see points 2& 3)
  5. I will not spend the money we do not have

And I will have fun!

Quote of the engagement drinks (just Frog and me over several cocktails, more will follow if my Mum can ever confirm the dates she's coming in October):

Oiseau: Either you have someone who plays games with you or you have me. And I tell you exactly what I'm thinking and feeling.

Frog: Hmmm... You don't play games.... You play sports.

Oiseau: Ha ha. That's very good for you.

Frog: Ha ha, yeah....


Frog: I heard that in some film

I promise the next post will be non-wedding related.

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