Sunday, October 02, 2005

How Can A Girl Possibly Say No?

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I've had a very domestic few days. Cleaning, baking, working, blogger café rendezvous, Carrefour, oddball cinema. It's all been very relaxing.

Last night Frog went to bed with a cold, and after much harrassment conceded to take an Actifed tablet (apparently, medicine is not for real men but sniffing, snorting and sighing is). He stayed in bed till late morning today, whilst I continued the domestic routine, cleaning and the like.

He said he wanted to go to his parent's (empty) house this afternoon 'for a change of air'. I wasn't too keen on this, and whilst I went along, I made it fairly clear that I didn't want to go. As far as I could see we were going to swap one squishy, comfortable sofa for an uncomfortable one, just to watch DVDs. "The sweet doesn't taste so sweet without the sour", he philosophically told me.


After the DVD, early afternoon, I'd had enough. "We're going home". I pronounced. Frog conceded too easily. He disappeared to the loo and I went to wash up the mugs we'd used.

Frog reappeared in the doorway with a big bouquet of 15 red roses. 'For each month we've been together', he said, I pointed out it's been 16. But who's counting?

'They're beautiful.' (I suppose I gushed).

I kissed him drily on the cheek, no germs for me thank you, and proceeded to wrap the flowers in the local newspaper to take home.

Thirty seconds later, Frog reappeared 'And to follow, would you like this?'... 'Well, shall we...?'...

And in the box was a beautiful diamond ring.

Germs forgotten, I think I said yes, but my intention was clear. A couple of glasses of champagne were quickly poured.

What a splendid way to pass a Sunday afternoon!

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