Friday, May 06, 2005

Action Star

As promised, Frog and I went out last night for a film and dinner. Firstly, I don't recommend Kingdom of Heaven. Our joint critique was - Didn't appreciate Brad Pitt as Hercules? You surely won't be keen on Orlando Bloom as Defender of Jerusalem. Shocking I know but there's only so far that good looks will go to support an epic character.

Later over dinner we moved away from the film discussion and onto how Frog himself had been involved in these types of village antics as a youngster:

Frog: I'm a bit of a maverick as I've got so many influences on my character: the village, my family, London, Marseilles....

Oiseau: What? A maverick like Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

Frog: No. More like Mel Gibson. In that film, Maverick.

Oiseau falls off her chair with laughter

Frog laughs and then thinks

Frog: That was a stupid answer... For a stupid question

Truce is called as the main course arrives.

Damn, he's starting to notice my traps...

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