Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ode to Frog

It's a day off for Pentecost and I am just surfacing from the week that was.

And what a monster of a week. Having moved at the weekend it's our first days in the village staying with Frog parents. And I've been commuting to Paris Monday, Tuesday and to Hamburg yesterday.

Of course when we're in our new flat I will be 5 mins from the station but for now we're in a tiny village 20 mins from Reims.

Step to the plate, Frog. He has been an absolute star.

  • Monday and Tuesday at 6am the alarm went off and he drove me to the SNCF.

  • Yesterday, the alarm went off at 5am to signal the start of a day driving me that involved two round trips of 3 hours each to the airport.
He hasn't once complained, is still singing (albeit to Ronan Keating which would normally be absolute grounds for an ironic comment from me) and when I pointed out on the return trip from Charles de Gaulle yesterday that the European Semis (it's a football thing) had started he said, "But your safety and return home is more important for me". And it almost sounded sincere!

To cap it all I got breakfast in bed this morning!

After 45 hours working in three days, I say, hoorah for four days off now and just three days next week before we fly to Argentina for a much needed break. And hoorah for Frog.

We're off for an evening of cinema and dinner on me to say thank you.

I will write a proper ode one day and a post soon that doesn't talk about how tired I am!

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