Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I had written an interesting account of the last couple of days - sun, Brazil, waterfalls, 12 hour storms and a journey to this small town San Ignacio where we have been based for 2 nights to visit the ruins of the Jesuit Missions in the jungle.

Then the electricity went out and I lost the post.

So that was my shortened version!

We´re heading back to Buenos Aires tomorrow night via a flight from Posadas and we´re thinking about popping over the border to Paraguay during the day. No reason really except we have time to kill before a flight and then we can say we´ve been there too!

Off for an early night now after a couple of local beers and Frog thrashing me at cards. I have to write that since he´s sat next to me as I write ;)

In reply to previous comments:
Yes, there will be photos. Lots of them - current count of just the waterfalls is 100 plus! Be careful what you wish for!

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