Monday, May 23, 2005


Iguazu Falls
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We finally got back to Reims this afternoon.

The end of our northern Argentina trip saw us travel back to Buenos Aires via Paraguay (!). Once back in BA we were all about shopping and wedding celebrations. Both tasks were well accomplished.

I will write a proper post about the wedding when I have had a proper night's sleep. But as a preview, having started the wedding service at 7:30pm, 200 guests enjoyed dinner, tango demonstrations, disco, 'mini' carnival, dessert tables at 2am and pizza & beer served at 5am. Frog and I crawled to bed at 7:30am and the alarm went off at 9am for our flight home. An overnight flight and nearly 24 hours later we are back!

I am off for 3 days "team building" in a hotel north of paris first thing tomorrow. (The team doesn't need rebuilding it needs a psychologist). And then I'll post (a selection of) the 300 + photos from the trip!

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