Friday, June 03, 2005


Now we’re in the flat surrounded by boxes the list of jobs do to is getting longer. First on the list though is wallpaper stripping and repaint.

That’s why we found ourselves in Leroy Merlin yesterday afternoon. Most of the flat will be painted cream but I want to put some colour on a couple of walls. Browsing the aisles in the superstore we were searching for sample cards that show the colour selections so I could ponder at home.

I muttered to the Frog as we walked through the aisles:

Oiseau: Where are the sample cards? In the UK you get sample cards.
Frog: You’re not in the UK.

We found one area where old scrappy sample cards were put out with a notice that to borrow these from Leroy Merlin you had to pay €10 deposit.

Oiseau: In the UK they’re free.
Frog: You’re not in the UK.

Huffing, I take the scrappy sample card selection. I continued to mutter towards the checkout desk where we also have to pay for some wallpaper remover solution and a couple of sponges.

Items purchased we were redirected to the “Welcome” desk to pay the deposit. Muttering about ‘€10 for some shitty paper’ I took the money out of my purse. The woman took out a form and started asking for name, address which were duly given and then she requested ‘some identification please’.

Oiseau: What?
Frog: She asked for ID
Oiseau: I perfectly understand what she asked for. This is ridiculous. No.
Frog: I’ve got some.
Oiseau: This is ridiculous. We’re not showing ID to pay for the right to take home some shitty paper so I can later give them money.

The ‘ridiculous’ element was explained to the woman who explained it was so they could better organise their business. And did we have a loyalty card?

Oiseau: They’re not ever getting my loyalty.

Frog starts to continue with the process and takes out his drivers ID

Oiseau: No. We’re not doing this. We’re not showing ID and paying for this stupidity. This is ridiculous.

We both stare at each other.

Frog calmly explains to the woman who looks at me as the English freak I am.

I flounce out of the shop.

Oiseau: Where shall we go now?
Frog: With you? ..... Ha ha ha...... Nowhere!

We both agreed it was stupid, I continued muttering 'ridiculous' for the rest of the day.

In the meantime I still need to select some paint colours. Hmmmm.

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