Tuesday, September 27, 2005


View from the Chapel
Originally uploaded by oiseau.

Mug of tea; pheasant paté with berry jelly; steak & kidney pie with suet crust; strawberries with clotted cream; half pint of local ale; quiche; potato salad; tomato salad; cheddar cheese & water biscuits; white wine.

Mug of tea; orange juice; tomato & basil sausage; bacon; fried egg; toast; field mushroom; kidneys; fried tomato; champagne; champagne; champagne; canapés; roast vegetable terrine; beef; roast tomato; runner beans; red wine; lemon tart; champagne; coffee; wedding cake; white wine; sprite.

Cup of tea; toast; sausage; cup of tea; bacon; tomato; fried egg; cup of tea; fresh plaice; new potatoes; chives from the garden; swiss chard from the garden; white wine; water; armagnac stuffed prune; coffee; chocolate cake; café latte; lamb curry; rice; summer pudding; water.

And I wonder why I lost weight moving to France...

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