Friday, September 16, 2005


As expected, whilst in London, I spent both of my two evenings in pubs/bars. The evening I arrived, my sister and I headed over to Peckham to meet her boyfriend for a drink and pizza in the local pub.

Apparently, it wasn't the end of Peckham that this kind of stuff happens. There was a pool competition going on and boyfriend was waiting his turn to play whilst we munched and supped. Now, I know that anyone English of a certain age is going to be incredibly jealous of what happened. And let me be clear, this reflects the high-flying glamour of my jet-setting lifestyle.

Trev of "Trev & Simon", of Going Live and Live & Kicking fame was in the pub. Playing in the pool tournament. And knocked the boyfriend out of the game.

I know, some people just have all the luck. We didn't swing our pants.

I also spent another lovely evening in a cosy bar in Fulham called Blue Orange. Highly recommended, run by a young Italian couple, Fabrizio and Maria, they serve a fine burger and I heard the tapas is good too.

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