Monday, September 12, 2005


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If I'd been working in the office today, this would have been the conversation at the coffee machine this morning:

Them: Hi, did you have a good weekend?
Me: Yes, very constructive actually. I mean, I didn't leave the appartment all Sunday but we finished half of the parquet.
Them: Oh, I remember you saying the evil builders destroyed them when they were working.
Me: Yes, the evil builders dripped paint all over the wood and roughed them up so that half the varnish was gone.
Them: Parquets are hard work, aren't they?
Me: Yes, Frog never wants to see another paint stain again. But even though the steel wool he chose to use freaked me out, he got all the paint stains out.
Them: But doesn't steel wool leave big holes in the wood?
Me: Yes, that's what I thought as well and, actually, we had a big argument about it. But with my many super products, patience and good old fashioned elbow grease, just look at the results!

Anyway, I'm off tomorrow to London via Paris. Two days of discussing cholesterol lowering margarines, interspersed with time with my sister and friends. More than likely, in the pub.

The day after I get back I'm heading straight into the vines for my 2 days of contribution to the harvest. It may be quiet here for a while and you can guarantee I will be complaining of back pain on my return.

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