Thursday, December 22, 2005

Have yourself a ...

Wow. This week has flown by. I have mostly been pottering backwards and forwards from the flat to the shops. I can't carry more than one bag at a time, so Christmas shopping has been a slow and rather more dull experience than usual!

Frog has been a bit of a rare species in the flat these last two weeks. This is the heaviest period for champagne sales, so as part of a small family company that are well experienced in multitasking, he is currently van driver extraordinaire across France. 3am, 4am starts have been usual, with him reappearing at 12:45am last Friday night. In fact, after one return at 3am this week he ended up simply sleeping at his parents' house, next to the production and cellars.

Every so often I text him to 'take care', 'please drive carefully'. To which he replies it's okay he's just drunk another half bottle of coke. If a blood sample were taken there would be pure sugar and caffeine running through his veins, I'm sure.

But! We're off tomorrow lunchtime. A four hour drive to Le Havre to take the evening ferry to Portsmouth and then an hour down the road to Mum's. Before he retired to bed last night (this morning was a lie in at 5am) Frog thrust two CDs into my hand which he asked me to copy over to the ipod: "We've been too busy to get in the Christmas mood, so that's what we'll do on the drive to Le Havre".

The Christmas Album and Christmas Hits: 50 Festive Favourites are now dutifully copied. With just a tiny bit of editing. I'm sorry but no, Whigfield's rendition of Last Christmas did not make the cut. Neither did Robson & Jerome, I Believe.

But The Wombles, Wombling Merry Christmas did!

Happy Christmas! We'll be back for New Year's Eve.

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