Thursday, December 08, 2005


I am like a streakng blur across Europe. A peek at my diary this month:

November 30th Copenhagen
December 1st Reims
December 2nd Reims
December 3rd Reims
December 4th Reims Enjoyed these 4 days. A lot.
December 5th London
December 6th London
December 7th London
December 8th Reims
December 9th London
December 10th London
December 11th London
December 12th Paris / Hamburg
December 13th Hamburg
December 14th Reims/London
December 15th London/Reims
December 16th Paris
December 17th Reims Looking forward to these 3 days
December 18th Reims
December 19th Reims
December 20th Paris
December 21st Reims
December 22nd Paris
December 23rd Reims/Portsmouth
December 24th - 27th Mum's in Dorset

I think. I just think that New Years will be in Reims. Others might dream of jetting off for a weekend away. I cannot wait to spend more than three nights at home.

I'm not complaining, I haven't lost my sanity yet, the frequent flyer miles will pay for the honeymoon flights and my lovely Frog is quite patient with me.

And the other good news is that my contract just got officially extended for another month in January. More trips ahoy and pennies towards the wedding funds. February? That's another month, another worry. Not tonight's. Me, I've got bags to pack...

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