Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Highlights

So, it was Frog's first English Christmas. And low and behold he didth enjoyeth it. Which was no surprise to me, even if it seemed to be to him!

The Christmas album can be viewed here.

We have always had the same Christmas rituals in our house:

8am Get up and open stockings from Father Christmas (who also generously extended his visit to include the Frog. I think a little 'bird' helped him out with that).

9am Traditional English Fried Breakfast (don't be thinking that means a lighter lunch).

10am Start screaming that we'll be late for church if we don't leave in the next 15 minutes.

10:35am Arrive late for church and tiptoe to the back pews. Mutter at the rector's sermon and his inane pompous stupidity. This year's was a new form
of literary criticism based upon the premise "Literature written by christian authors, good. Literature written by non-christian authors, baaad."

Take annual communion. As soon as the service ends see how quickly you can drag mum out the church whilst she tries to catch up with people who look at us 'kids' and for the 20th year in the row, tell you how much you've grown.

12pm Home, open first gift from under the tree whilst battling with sprouts and a blunt knife.

1:30pm Sit down for a fabulous lunch. Roast potatoes, sprouts, chestnuts, parsnips, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, huuuge turkey, carved by Mum and lovely glasses of chablis.

3pm Retire to the sitting room and agree that pudding will be later. Begin to open gifts under the tree. One at a time, person by person.

5pm Hit the Christmas pudding

6pm Finish unwrapping gifts and slowly fall asleep in front of the telly.

I had a wonderful time as usual. Until I overate and my stomach decided it couldn't handle any more rich food.

But what was the verdict from the Frog on his first English Christmas?

Frog's Highlights:

  • More (great) gifts than he ever expected to receive
  • Christmas lunch (the food & crackers)
  • The walk on Tuesday around Corfe Castle
  • Resting after the crazy weeks leading up to Christmas

Frog's Lowlights

I know. I'm gutted. I thought the new version was cool (this was my first opportunity to see it). The Frog just did not get it. Ahh well. Can't have everything!

So - Frog Family Christmas Dinner #2 tomorrow night. I'll be cooking for all the family who will descend on our flat to exchange gifts with us. Wish me luck!

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