Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Le Dos Strikes Back

Well it was all going well until Monday 12th. A great weekend with friends in London, another baby to meet, mulled wine, Covent Garden market, Sunday roast and odd antics between Santa & a couple of nubile bellydancers.

We got back late Sunday/Monday morning and I was all ready to go to Hamburg via Paris and an early morning osteopath check up. Then my back struck back. I managed to hobble to the osteopath, still planning to take a later train to the airport.

After a very painful session, the osteopath looked at me and said "You're not going any where for at least the next three days" and then more warnings and cautions about what I was doing to my body.

And it turns out he was right. By the time I'd made it home, I couldn't move, stay still or do much to bear the pain.

Two days later, sleepless nights, painkillers, warm compresses and a very patient Frog and Mother Frog (who has cooked for us) and I am just about back on my feet. A couple of short potters around the flat, a quick check of emails and I feel like I'm reconnecting with the world.

I'll also hopefully catch up on a couple of hours work today before all my projects go down the drain.

I'll save the story of Santa and the bellydancers till next time...

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