Sunday, January 29, 2006

...& 1, 2

I wouldn't say it was a bone of contention (certainly not on the scale of the guest list) but much discussion has been given to the first dance.

I was all for a gentle Van Morrison shuffle and spent some time trying to convince Frog that this would be a good, relaxing dance. After all, 'Van the Man' is one of his favourite singers and certainly more wedding friendly than his true 'Music God', Bruce and "Born to Run".

Frog however had other ideas. He wanted a proper dance, like a waltz. I have memories of cringing at Frog Brother at his wedding looking incredibly awkward as he and wife waltzed in an ugly village hall in the south of the region. Call me a snob (that I know that I am) but it looked like small town pretentiousness.

In fact Frog has been pushing for dance classes since we first met to which I'd so far resisted .* And I have written about the French Rock 'n Roll phenomenon before. So, finally, I caved in. Frog was told in the New Year that if he finds a dance class that is flexible enough to my erratic travelling schedule, then he's on. On the condition we don't waltz.

That is why, for the last few weeks we have been rushing through sub-zero weather to a dance school across town. Me, tripping across the cobbles in my little heels that I'm determined to practice in, since that's what I'll be wearing on the big day.

The classes are an hour and there is always a 30 min Rock 'n Roll session preceeded by a different dance every week, that are revisited once a month. So the first week we learnt the basics to the Pase Doble, then onto the Waltz and last week the Cha Cha Cha.

It's fantastic! I am a convert. The dance school is run by two couples who - from the photos decorating the rooms - have spent their lives on cruise boats, dancing on variety shows and meeting the 'greatest' of France's entertainers. Since the weather is so beastly at the moment we're often the only ones or one of a few in the beginners group who have ventured out. So we've made a lot of progress. Progress that has little to do with our talent but more to do with the personal time and attention we've received from the teachers.

It's probably stupid to put an extra pressure on ourselves for the day and I fully expect to look like amateurville. Our main difficulty now is to decide which dance for the wedding. And for my part, which dance I expect to manage in a full wedding dress!

*Mainly as a reaction to the fact that I know Frog met his loopy ex at Rock'n Roll classes in Paris.

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