Saturday, January 07, 2006

My New Toy

Ahh yes I am becoming quite the domesticated lady!

This is the result of a couple of money gifts from Christmas (thanks Mum!) and a little of my own cash thrown in.

I spent an hour looking at different machines last weekend. I ummed and I ahhed and there was only so much time that Frog was happy to stay in the Television Department watching Robbie Williams demonstrated in wide, flat screen. So finally I was dragged away, still pondering.

And then I discovered La Redoute with a 25% off sale on their Magimixes. I had dismissed them earlier in the selection process, I love their design and simplicity but they're top of the range pricewise. Meaning I would be able to buy either a mini Magimix or an all singing all dancing Phillips. And my heart wasn't in Phillips. I'm finding the Dutch quite irritating at the moment (no, I'm not dismissing a whole nation, just a few individuals).

But thanks to online shopping and comparative search engines my dream came true!

It sits perfectly compact in the corner of the kitchen, smiling at me. Chopped veggies, homemade pastry and fruit and veggie juices all round!

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