Sunday, January 01, 2006

Looking Ahead

My subconscious welcomed 2006 in last night by providing me with my first wedding anxiety dream!

Frog and I had enjoyed a lovely evening of champagne, and a meal created out of leftovers from the feast we created the night before for Family Frog (chestnut soup, smoked salmon, potato pancakes & salad). The living room was filled with candles and we watched the first part of a Christmas gift, Lost: Season One, tales of survivors on a mysterious island filled with monsters and secrets. Finally, rather bleary eyed at 2:30am we called it a night and pootled to bed.

My dream filled night involved me dressing for the wedding, my sister, mum and I in a large English house complete with a very muddy garden and all three of us in a complete and total panic. The dress was ready, the guests were arriving. Frog was at his parents and supposedly also getting ready. Suddenly I realised, as the dress went over my head, that the florist hadn't been given the final details so there were no bouquets prepared. The priest was booked but we hadn't prepared the order of service, an organist or hymns. My hair was scraped back into an unwashed twist and my sister was freaking that she had no bridesmaid dress to wear.

I believe it was at that moment I woke up.

Welcome 2006 and the next five months of lists, planning and preparation. We will be ready for May 20th. But I don't think that was the last of the dreams!

Wishing everybody a happy, healthy and successful 2006, wherever you are and whatever your plans might be.

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