Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Food Glorious...

With Frog Father's cousin supplying the catering for us we have some freedom in the wedding menu.

However, the one thing I have learnt about French Weddings* is that there is no playing with the traditional menu! (The exception to this was a fantastic garden wedding I went to in the South of France where lovely couscous was served followed by a huge clafoutis made by the couple in the village baker's ovens.)

We have agreed a per head fee for food and wines (although obviously not the champagne) and now we just need to agree on the menu.

The meal is served between 8pm & midnight, with intervals between courses for people to dance and enjoy the music.

This is the current draft in English & French with my notes.
Cold Starter
Salade d’asperges aux languoustines
Asparagus & Langoustine Salad

Hot Starter
Gratinées de Saint-Jacques
Cheese Baked Scallops served in the shell
We ummed and ahhed about having two seafood starters, in case people didn't like the stuff. But in the end our preference, a couple of friends who don't like meats (and my Mum's strong lobbying for langoustine) won out!

Trou Champenois
Made with Marc de Champagne liqueur

Magrets de Canards au poivre vert
Duck with a green pepper sauce
Is this sauce too heavy. Would a honey sauce be better?
I guess finding out how many guests are vegetarians (guaranteed not to be the French!) should be next on my 'to do' list.

Garniture de Legumes (Pommes de Terre Dauphinoise; Haricots Verts)
Vegetable Side Dishes (Dauphinoise Potatoes; Green Beans)

Salade/ Fromages

Salade de Fruits
Fruit Salad
Traditionally this is a buffet of different pastries and desserts but I always find that too much and we think fruit would be better.


Piéces Montées/Cake
The traditional French pyramid of choux buns with caramel topping and a small traditional English wedding cake - supplied by good old M&S
I don't really like English fruit cake but it's more a point of principle of trying to assert my Englishness in an otherwise very French day...

What do you think?

* Actually there are three things. However, the second is related to guest lists which I still can't talk about without my blood pressure exploding. The third relates to French bureaucracy, and that update is being saved for another post.

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