Monday, January 31, 2005


When you live in France as an English person you are automatically dropped into a bucket called "Anglosaxon". This means that as an English/American/Australian etc. you are pre-programmed to react in a certain manner to situations versus the "Franco" population.

Nobody likes to be stereotyped. Especially when I deem this to be a description of my more uptight, straightlaced tendencies.

So, hoorah for my mum's family research and a great-great grandfather's predilection for young girls:

I've just found my paternal grandmother's (your great grandmother's) baptism recorded on the internet - on a site which has army records for Malta - and her mother's wedding. It's recorded as a mixed marriage (which I think refers to a C of E/ Roman Catholic marriage, not English/Maltese, tho it was that as well) She (my great grandmother) was Lucardia Xerri aged 17 and he was Arthur Tyler aged 29 a gunner in the Royal Artillery. I did know the names before. I also know her father's name but can't track him down. He's not on the list of voters in Malta - he probably wasn't important enough.

Upon receipt of this information it was pointed out to me that I am therefore only 6.25 % Mediterranean blooded. However, the fact is that I am now more Latino than your average Champennois and the proof as to why I keep my tan longer than the paler faced Frenchman around here.

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