Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Babies (or the lack of)

I spent the weekend with people who I barely knew. Friends and family of Frog. They all had a have a marvellous way of cornering me (alone or with Frog) to ask:

"so when are you getting married?"
"when are you having babies?"
"so next year it'll be monsieur & madame"
"you should really start on the babies as soon as possible"
"how old are you, 31? well you've left it very very late"

Would that happen in England? I don't think so. People think it but don't say it so much. Maybe if attending a wedding after a few drinks the questions start up but never so blatantly.

I got especially fed up with the woman at lunch who told me I'd left it too late to get started. I'd have been rude back but several factors stopped me:

1/ I would have had to be smartly rude in french which still isn't an option
2/ she was one of Frog family's best customers
3/ I was drunk

Mr Frog too was clearly starting to get pissed off with the nonstop assault. I mean, really give us a chance!

I know it's because they're interested. And I hope because they're happy and positive... And maybe I'll turn into that middle-aged harridan one day.

That's all. Rant over!

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kim said...

oh yes. David's mom started saying such comments once we decided we were getting married (she didn't bother waiting until we had actually done so!). It drove me nuts, especially because the other half and I aren't quite seeing eye-to-eye on the subject as of yet (normal, being he's 33 and I'm only 24).

I think maybe David told her she was driving me nuts though, because the subject has been dropped from her conversation repetoire for the time being (thank god!).