Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Working Women

Received the latest issue of my friend Gaby's business venture "Rhine Magazine" - a magazine for expats in the areas of Bonn, Dusseldorf & Cologne.

Go to if you're interested in getting a subscription.

My article on travel to Prague was included. First published piece since student days as Editor of the Uni Student's Newspaper. I think my grammar got worse in the meantime.

Mr Frog's comment on my amazement that Super-Gab's managed to produce both a baby and a glossy, fantastic magazine at the same time "It's amazing what women can do with a little motivation".

Have confiscated the great chocolate & ginger german christmas treats from him that Gaby had sent us.

Trip to London tonight for a meeting tomorrow. Staying with ex-stepmother & half brother. Dinner to meet the ex-stepmum's new boyfriend. Should be interesting - when he first met my sister, she was introduced by my ex-step mother as " my ummmm.... err... friend". Probably simpler.

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