Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Immigrant Culture

Have I been away from the UK too long? Nearly four years now and I am clearly no longer au fait with cultural life. No matter how many times I pick up Heat magazine (for a crippling price at the Relay newsagents in Gare du Nord) in a bleak attempt to keep up with the UK celeb gossip & shennangians "I'm the only gay in the village" passes me by.

I refuse to get cable and BBC Choice so am stuck with the joys of French TV. Never in my life have I chosen to watch so little TV...

Went to see "La Chute"or "Der Untergang" or "The Downfall" on Saturday. The last days in Hitler's bunker. A grim film (although outstanding performances it has to be said) and 2 hours of reaaaallly concentrating on French subtitles with German dialogue soundtrack. Mr Frog has just started German language classes to boost his already more than average language skills. So this had been suggested by myself as a "supportive" girlfriend gesture.

Can I cope with him speaking yet another language? I in the meantime I continue to excel at Franglais..

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