Friday, January 21, 2005


Had a really long day yesterday in Hamburg for meetings. I'm sure it's a nice city but I have always just travelled airport -- office -- airport which is draining.

Got back late to Paris after being up since 5am and was now thinking only of my duvet, a mug of tea and sleep. Except my phone beeped and Mr Frog was in central Paris waiting for me in a bar having planned dinner out. Duvet dreams went out the window and I spent the next hour in a cab trudging through traffic to get to Rue Montorgeuil. That'll teach me to use company expenses and not take the RER.

So, I plan on ending my week with a Yoga session at a great American woman's studio in the Marais. I am a terrible beginner and with the least zen approach to life you can imagine but she is very patient. Mr Frog says it is in his interest that I relax before the weekend. Plus from a mean, selfish and perhaps also proud point of view there is always an older woman there who is much worse than me. Since the class in English and French it is a nice mix of expat and locals in the class. And I now know how to say Flying Cobra in French. And you never know when that's going to come in useful.


Nyx said...

oh, tell me how it is! I NEED to find a yoga class, and mingling with some expats would be nice too :)

ViVi said...

I reckon Downward Dog could come in handy, somehow...

Thanks for the linky, and I will happily do the same. :)