Monday, January 17, 2005


Spent Wednesday night in London for meetings the next day. Staying with family made the trip a nice break, dinner, drinks & gossip.

After an evening of home food and relaxation I thought 'it wouldn't be so bad if we had to move back here'. Then I got on the Jubilee line at 8am and quickly felt my shoulders rise towards the level of my ears in stress. And this from someone who rides the RER C out to St Ouen everyday.
Saw this article in the Observer about the French expat community in London.

Mr Frog spent 6 years in London (before we met) and spent all his time avoiding the French ex-pats there. Hence his dodgy accent.


Nyx said...

so what do you think of Saint Ouen? I live there (Gabriel Péri), I HATE it! Get me outta Saint Ouen! Au secouuuuuurs! Just discovered a mine of English people in Paris blogs, a fun read when I've nothing to do at work :)

L'Oiseau said...

St Ouen... not a personal choice but my company was looking for more space at (a lot) cheaper price. And guess what - St Ouen came up. But, hey, now I have a view from my office - of the peripherique and the RER station. So, not even the nice end of St Ouen!!

In the 2 months since my company has moved here there have been 10 muggings, thefts even a carjack... as you can imagine employees are thrilled and morale isn't so high. But it gives me an excuse to leave at 18h exactly every evening with the mass exodus.

On the positive side (!) there is a good Leclerc which makes a change from small hopeless Franprix in central Paris.

Nyx said...

hah, I probably see your office on my daily commute if you can see the RER from where you are ;)