Wednesday, January 26, 2005


We have a new toy. Having been humiliated this weekend by being beaten by my frog at scrabble we agreed to buy our own set and stage a rematch.

So I arrived home last night to find, pride of place in the centre of the dining table, a sparkling still wrapped Deluxe Scrabble set bought from WH Smith's on Rue Rivoli.

The evening was then devoted to a long game (and next time I'm putting time limits on the response time per word) where I was thrashed. Again.

So my question is this. How does a seemingly intelligent english woman get beaten by a frenchman? I graduated with a good literature and languages degree, read copious amounts, work in the marketing communications industry and consider myself to have a wide vocabulary. He on the other hand is an intelligent finance accounting type and fluent english speaker.

Obvious humiliation aside, does this mean winning scrabble through points accumulation is more about systems and logic? In which case I will never win.


Nyx said...

oh darn, how humiliating! How brave to post it in a blog. I'd never live the shame down to be sure (let's just say I don't much being beaten at scrabble - send me bankrupt in monopoly, if I win once in my life at chess I'll be happy, and make me run around the pool table with no pants on, but scrabble's a whole otehr matter! ;) )

Yeah you really do have try to set up the structure to hit those point accumulating tiles - and devise multiple strategies (generally I look for as many places as possible to put any one of a few words -using their response time to plan all that). Failing that, spike his drink.

kim said...

I have managed to beat David in french scrabble before, but it's all about word placement. I have mastered the art of putting words parallel to other words, to score like 18 points for a three letter word.

This, of course, drives David nuts and causes him to spout off about how the point of the game is to find the most impressive words, blah blah blah. But really, he just hates to lose. ;)

(by the way, nice to meet you!)

L'Oiseau said...

Thanks Kim!

I haven't dared try the French version yet... but I did get a mail today from a very clever english friend commiserating with me because he was beaten by his french brother-in-law last week in the english version.

So I'm not alone!

Katia said...

I wouldn't even dare to challenge my French husband to a game of English scrabble, because undoubtedly he'd do something devious and beat me. grr.
Anyway. WH Smith for an English scrabble board, you say? Did it cost an arm and a leg, or was it reasonable? I'm wondering whether it's worth buying it online (cheaper) or getting it here in Paris (instant gratification).