Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Mr Frog

A few words on Mr Frog... although a frenchman through and through he lived in London longer than I have. (6 years vs my 4...). He seems to have spent his time in London hanging around with dodgy media boys. Hence his speech is cluttered with half-arsed cockney slang, essex witticisms and general charm.

When in France I swear I hear a dodgy London accent, although this illusion was (thankfully) shattered for me when I called him from a weekend in London. As I charged through Regent Street, on my mobile all I could hear was this charming frenchman on the other end of the phone in his best froggy tones. "Wow" I declared to my shopping buddy "I have a french boyfriend!!".

The irony of our situation is that I really want to stay in France. Love the culture, food, 35 hour working week, holidays and houses by the sea. He can't wait to move back to London and enjoy all things British. Since this is a contentious discussion we have agreed to put our "where do we live next" plans on hold until end of Jan...

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