Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Frog School of Packing

Anne asked me how the preparation for the move to Reims was going. I replied that I was determinedly not blogging about it because people would realise what an ungrateful wench I really am. I hate packing - for holiday or new home it's an effort I resent. Which is clearly rather shortsighted if you're planning a month in Brazil or swapping a mould ridden hole above a butchers for a bright parquet floored apartment with cathedral view.

Plus I packed 95% of my belongings into boxes and storage last summer when I moved out of my flat into the afore mentioned hole. So what is really left to pack is mostly Frog's stuff.

What I have discovered since I whinged earlier is that the Frog is a master of packing:

Frog Packing Lesson

  • put on your oldest clothes that make you look like Wurzel Gummidge*
  • put aside all clothes and shoes that you no longer wear
  • all books, dvds, bedding to be put in plastic wrapping before being placed into the box
  • label each plastic bag before it goes in the box with clear explanation of the content
  • each box to then be labelled in not one but two languages
  • all filled boxes should be stacked neatly in the living room

Whilst he does this for a couple of hours each evening I am free to cook and receive rebukes when I tell him off for buying chicken thighs which I will now have to debone to make a planned curry. I am clearly a terribly ungrateful girlfriend.

* I looked for a photo of Wurzel and couldn't find one... sorry

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