Friday, April 08, 2005

Saint Anonymous

Frog gave me a lift to work this morning which meant we got to catch up on what he did after I fell asleep early in the evening:

Frog: I finished the Robbie Williams book ... you know it's because he's young, rich and famous that he can just choose who to sleep with any night.

Oiseau: Unfortunately you are no longer any of those three things, are you. Okay, maybe you're still youngish.

Frog: I'm definitely not rich. But having read the book I don't think I'd like to be famous anyway.


Unless I was like, head of a charity and then I could be famous for the good things and the charity would benefit from it.

But if I were a criminal then I'd want to be inanimate.

Oiseau: Inanimate?

Guffaws of laughter

Frog: You know ...

Muffled words

... oh I'm not saying anymore it'll just end up on your blog.

Oiseau: Ahh... you mean like an "anonyme"... object. Ha ha.

Maybe John Paul II lasting influence is still having its effect on the Frog's confused morals.

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