Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Jersey Boy

So, now that I think I have convinced my over-stressed mother (who was behaving worringly out of character) that my boyfriend is not going to leave me because I blog about him. I shall continue.

Frog had a little personal guided tour of my recent posts and all of your fabulous comments about him. And he glowed, looked a little smug and finally pronounced "it's okay you can still blog about me". So it's your own fault now.

But I don't have any funny stories about him, cos he's a bit of a stressed frog at the moment about the move and it was me who was the stupid one last night. Having looked up the cinema times to see Garden State yesterday and decided to go to the Pathé in Boulogne - which is just one stop away - I took us on a merry trip the wrong way up a Line 9 to the Champs Elysées to the wrong cinema and wrong time.

A quick DOH moment and swift jump off the train we did finally make it there. Do go and see Garden State. I appreciated it and it made me a bit teary at the end. Even Frog liked the bits where "nearly grown ups" behave like retarded teenagers. And New Jersey has never looked so interesting as when Zach "I have a blog too" Braff is in it.

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