Tuesday, April 05, 2005


The Frog couldn't sleep last night and told me this morning that he had spent part of the night watching TV. He was watching coverage of John Paul II's life.

Of course Frog is a good Catholic boy but last night he realised why he was so sad about the pontiff's death.

When Frog was younger he went on a school trip to Rome with his class and the priests that taught them. They attended mass at St Peter's which was taken by the Pope. Following mass the pope walked through the cathedral reaching out to the pilgrims. Since Young Frog was at the end of the pew as the Pope passed by a school friend took a photo of the Pope with Frog grinning next to him in full frame. This was Frog's first and only touch with celebrity. Albeit religious celebrity.

So, the conclusion that was made in the early hours of this morning was that - with the Pope's death - the Frog had lost his one and only celebrity connection. And so he mourns. However, he announced as I was leaving the flat this morning that he has decided upon a target to make a new celebrity connection with. That target is Robbie Williams.

Couldn't get much further away could you?

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