Tuesday, April 19, 2005


What a week!

And I only have 10 mins before I have to get back on a Eurostar home to Paris.

I'm sorry to those I disappointed by not creating an audiopost last weekend. The good news is that we're off on Friday to another wedding in Spain. So may convince the Frog to also contribute to a spanish themed post.

I will try and write a version of the interesting things that have happened in the last week. To include:
  • The non appearance of my sister's boy (although he made up for it by getting me a dedicated copy of one of his cool writers new books)
  • A very cold wedding in the south of Champagne featuring over fifties behaving badly and an illicit backroom card game.
  • My fabulous attempts to be suave Euro traveller going horribly wrong when I attempted to board a Paris -London train with tickets reserved to travel in the opposite direction.
  • The delicate politics of now returning to Paris to schedule a meeting with my boss in order to explain that our London office no longer wants to work with one of my colleagues but exclusively with me.

Running for train now!

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