Monday, April 04, 2005

Self indulgence

Saturday was all about me, me, me. I have been watching my pennies for nearly a year as I've been on temporary contracts, without knowing if it was going to be renewed from 2 months to the next.

So, now I have the contract till the end of the year in hand I was a woman on a mission this weekend. We hit the shops on Saturday after lunch at home and I made my first impulse buy on a very glamourous pair of sunglasses. I am not allowed to lose or sit on them for the next 100 years and they cannot leave my face for the rest of spring/summer if I am to get my money's worth. But they're beautiful and I feel like an elegant Italian in them.

Next up I bought two new pairs of shoes, a pair of tan suede flat shoes for being the women around town and a pair of slides for the summer. I did however make myself pause to think about a a great pair of swanky black heels. Now I've justified that I can wear them to several weddings this year and tower above the frog (and all average height french)I shall make a return trip for those on Saturday.

Next up I found a pair of green (no black!) trousers and a beautiful pair of linen shorts. I have never found a pair of shorts I loved. They never quite hide the bits I don't like and flatter the parts I do. But these are beautiful and I'm waiting for our first trip of the year to the Var to wear them.

Final stop was the hairdressers. I've basically spent the last four years that I've lived away from London waiting for trips home to get my hair cut by a hairdresser I like. Then about 6 months ago I met someone who lives in London and waits for trips to Paris to do the same thing. So we did the sensible thing and swapped hairdresser info. A great Japanese guy on Rue Cambon in the 1st now cuts my hair and I have spanking new shorter cut that I bounced around with for the rest of the weekend.

After all my exertions I met the Frog in the park where he'd been lounging and we headed home to get changed for dinner. Since it can't always be about me, me, me, I treated the Frog to a meal in a favourite restaurant that we found in the 6th last year:

Aux Saveurs de Claude
12, rue Stanislas
6th arrondissement
Telephone: 014 5444174

The winning dishes between us were his St Jacques in ginger starter, my duo of quail in a rich morilles sauce and the shared 'tout autour du chocolat' dessert. Accompanied by a Petit Chablis and finished off with a Poire William digestiv.

A very happy, slightly drunk couple made the last splash out of the day as we hailed a cab to take us home.

I'm sure if this was my regular style it might become boring - but having saved up it was quite a thrill to throw all fiscal caution to the wind and indulge.

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