Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Going Quiet

Things are probably going to be a little quiet* on the blog for the next couple of days:


  • Up at the crack of dawn to travel to London
  • Meetings in Canary Wharf and Crawley (could you imagine nicer locations? I could)
  • Dinner and stay with little sis (yay!), although I still won't get to meet her boy, she is turning down some do at Le Gavroche* * in order to have dinner with me in Clapham. For that I salute her. I would do nicer things if she went but also swung me an invite as well...

  • More meetings in London
  • Flight back to Paris to be met by Frog chauffeur at Terminal 2F
  • Drive to Reims


  • Brother Frog wedding
  • Get to witness Frog being best man.
  • Will not witness best man Frog speech as he has been banned by the bride following his performance two years ago at sister frog's wedding. Sounds intriguing doesn't it? I'm sure I haven't heard the whole story
  • Sit at the top table with the Frog and rest of bridal party. (I don't think that's normal for the partner of the best man but they're clearly looking after me and not leaving me and random french family members to stuggle with conversation!)


  • Recover from French wedding champagne, dancing and hi jinks


  • I'll be back on form. Maybe.

* Unless I make a drunken audio post on Saturday night. Which is tempting. Drunk dialling meets drunk blogging.

**Michelin 3 star restaurant that is the exception to the French restaurant rule that I usually explain to family and friends - I have no desire to visit when in the UK. Suspect we'll end up in the usual Indian instead.

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