Wednesday, February 09, 2005


We are going to see France play Sweden tonight.

Myself, the Frog & 4 Swedish friends will be freezing our bottoms off at the Stade de France.

But what should I do?

  • Support my country of residence
    Keep the Frog happy and show my true integration

  • Demonstrate Northern European allegiance with the Swedes
    I'm sure there must be more Viking DNA in me than French

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L'Oiseau said...

The final score was 1 - 1. I had fun, it was a great atmosphere (let's face it, it was a friendly match and the swedish & french are not known for their great historical rivalry*).

The first half was cool, the second half rather boring and I didn't feel torn between the countries and my friends. In fact i felt more like a UN observer.

* although the vikings did take and occupy the paris region...