Wednesday, February 23, 2005


So I am still jumping around at the excitement of our new flat. The funny thing is I came to Reims on a weekend with a group of girl friends 18 months ago (era pre-frog) and had a great time... and now I'm going to live there.

Reims is about one and a half hour's drive (if the traffic is okay) north east of Paris in the region Champagne Ardennes. The region is of course famous for its Champagne and that is what the Frog will be spending his time working in the family business.

Frog family live in a village 20 mins north west of Reims.... the village has 558 habitants and we felt we weren't quite ready for that big a move. Reims itself is a lovely city with a large cathedral including windows designed by Chagall and is the location where the Kings of France were crowned. Oh, and it's also where the Nazi's surrendered to Eisenhower 60 years ago.

Our flat is right in the centre of Reims on a little side street opposite the Palais Justice & Theatre. I spent last night moving into the flat in my head.

Hoorah, Hoorah, Hoorah. I expect that the next couple of month's dealing with the notaire may quash my excitement somewhat but I cannot wait till May when we move!

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anne said...

Hey, well done, congratulations, félicitations etc. It is a lovely city, and should be quite a change from Paris.