Tuesday, February 08, 2005

More things about me

  1. I am 31 years old
  2. I grew up with my Mum & younger sister in Dorset, my grandma lived just down the road
  3. I have a half brother from my Dad's second marriage
  4. My brother is 14 years old and lives in London with his Mum
  5. My brother and I look more like each other than my sister and I. That's because we both have large noses. He hasn't developed the complex yet.
  6. My mum is 7 inches shorter than me - I grew up thinking I was a giant freak. I never realised it was her who was the abnormal one ;)
  7. All sides of my family have blue eyes
  8. I can say "My name is Anna", count to ten and manage to order in a market in Hindi
  9. I used to play the oboe and the cor anglais. I became quite good but my mum said listening to me learn was like listening to a cow in pain.
  10. I played in the Dorset Youth Orchestra and spent weekends and holidays on residential courses at a very expensive boarding school which had the biggest cockroaches I have still ever seen. That put a seal on my opinion of private education.
  11. My Mum is a teacher in a comprehensive.
  12. I used to go the school where my mum teaches. Luckily she only started doing the sex ed classes after I left.
  13. My sister works in publishing and I am not allowed to write in my blog all the reasons why I think she resembles Bridget Jones.
  14. Her current "boy" is the editor of one of my favourite authors. I am not allowed to tell her I think this is one of her greatest accomplishments yet ;)
  15. I scraped a"C" in A level French because I never concentrated on the grammar. Plus ça change...
  16. I moved to New York to work for 2 years when I was 27 years old, I lived on the Upper West Side and discovered the joys of Jewish Delis
  17. I learnt to rollerblade in Central Park
  18. I was living in Manhattan on 9/11/01
  19. After working in India when I was 18 years old, I travelled on my own for 2 months and freaked my mother out. She said she has vowed never to worry so much over me again.
  20. I since travelled on my own to Egypt & Thailand. I liked travelling alone and meeting new people but am happy now I've found a frog as travelling companion.
  21. I used to think I wanted to work in the theatre as a producer until I decided that I couldn't bear to spend my life around actor types
  22. Instead, I now work out new ways to market soap, pasta sauce & washing powder
  23. I tried working out new ways to market software, hardware and business services but it wasn't as much fun
  24. Because I have moved around in the last 13 years most of my friends are around the world.
  25. I have some good friends in Paris but miss my girl friends in NY & London
  26. I used to have a nose stud
  27. The first time I went skiing I broke my wrist and the first time I really snowboarded I tore part of my knee
  28. General consensus is that I am rather clumsy
  29. Happily, even though the frog is very sporty he matches me in clumsiness (I am not allowed to mention his rollerblading dark tunnel incident anymore)
  30. When the ambulance came to pick up the frog at exit of the dark tunnel, even though we'd been seeing each other for 3 months I didn't know his address to tell the ambulancemen. I got a distinct 'you English floozy' look from the men.
  31. The frog and I plan to move to Reims in May this year. My biggest worry is having to see films dubbed in French.


Anonymous said...

Hello ! You got a C in A-Level French - très bien fait ! Beats the pants off my grade E but then I didn't do a shred of revision (lazy sod!). I like your blog ! Cheers, IanH (ianh.typepad.com)

L'Oiseau said...

Thanks Ian for visiting... the thing is I didn't learn from the French A level experience and went on to study Italian at Uni as a beginner. There I also scraped by on the language part. Admittedly I did choose Italian for all the right reasons:

- I had never been there before and fancied a long government subsidised visit
- I knew I loved the food
- Felt I might be able to find something in the culture