Friday, February 04, 2005

It's the weekend!

Oh how wonderful... tomorrow is a lie in!

I stretched and zenned myself at yoga last night then screwed up all those hithertoo relaxed shoulders when I was told to rewrite a "point of view" document for the 4th time today. (How can it be called a point of view if I keep being asked to change it?)

Plans for the weekend include (starting 17h30 tonight):

  • Tarot game at frog's friend's appartment with dinner
  • Lie in (I love the french for this that literally translates as "fat morning")
  • Eyebrow waxing (the brow is spreading horizontally)
  • Costume Planning
  • Drink with an old Dutch colleague from my NY days who is in town for the weekend
  • Big shop at Carrefour (I work in packaged consumer goods and will spend my time rearranging our brands neatly on the shelf). I was excited last week to find in their "foreign food" shelves that they have packets of Ginger Nuts . My 'no biscuits at home' rule has been thrown out the window.
  • Cooking in our new funky oven (the Jamie Oliver Lemon & Garlic Roast Chicken with potatoes last week was a winner)
  • Take my lovely skinny Paul & Joe jeans that I got in the Sales to the tailor to take up the 10 ft long legs (I'm 5'8"... just think if I was a petite fran├žaise) Once the jeans go on though I have to refrain from eating. Which is why they may not be my smartest purchase.
  • Finishing the fantastic Small Island by Andrea Levy.

In precisely 50 mins I can be found running for freedom across the St Ouen streets...

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