Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Diner de Cons

No I'm not talking about Valentine's night (which was a very chilled evening à deux on the sofa with DVD, paté on toast and cup of tea!), nor the dinner I have tonight with the visiting Mother & Father Frog...

... I'm talking about the fab film I watched last night.

The "con" of the film, Jacques Villeret, died last month and reading press about him I realised I had still not seen this classic comedy. So since con is also one of my favourite words - in this context the meaning is just a little stronger than 'idiot' - last night I settled down to watch.

The context of Diner de Cons is that a group of bourgeois parisiens every Wednesday night each invite a con to a group dinner. The goal is that by the end of the night there is an unsuspecting 'winnning con'. Of course, one night it all goes wrong and the fabulous Thierry L'hermitte (Monsieur Brochant) ends up stuck with his con, Jacques Villeret's character, François Pignon.

M. Pignon works for the tax department and has a personal hobby of recreating monuments of great engineering in matchsticks. Quickly into the film it becomes apparent that this con holds M Brochant's only chance of getting his recently exited wife back.

I spent last night really belly laughing and may have to buy the DVD for repeat viewing.

In no way does this encourage me to go and see Villeret's final film with the awful Michael Youn.

Ahhh le con!


kim said...

uh oh...

I like Michael Youn. I absolutely despise those Jackass guys, because they go beyond bad taste, far far beyond. I don't want to see people purposely inflict pain on themselves, as I'm not some sort of S&M freak. Michael Youn and buddies just act like morons, and I'm all for idiocy!

L'Oiseau said...

Yes but I see Youn's face and I just think "smug, smug, smug".

Nyx said...

yeah, he irritates me a bit too. But I am a litte irritable ;)