Thursday, February 24, 2005

Number geek

The frog is a numbers geek. This is probably a good thing since I am absolutely inummerate to the point of embarassment. I struggled with maths all through school and still have friends I call up for secret help when I have problems at work managing my budget and marketing calculations...

As I said to the frog last night - you do the numbers and i'll do the smart ideas and we'll be fine.

So - we are looking for a mortgage for the new flat. Most people go and meet the bank to do this and ask the man behind the desk for a quote then compare around different mortgage offerers.

Not the frog. The frog sends me this email today:
I've just finished my excel spreadsheet showing a simulation table regarding our loan. Just a few instructions to use it properly:

1.fill in the assumptions boxes in above table
2.type in 0 on the Ech n°1 (cell with blue font)
3. go to the far right cell of the line whose Ech n° corresponds to the one you put in in the assumptions table.
4. Make a goal seek on that cell (menu "Option", "valeur cible" in French). It must equal 0 by changing the cell in 1. (the one with the blue font)
5.look at the column saying "Montant Echeance" to know what we'll pay per month.
In the file atached, my assumptions are: we borrow xk euros at 3.75%pa and to be paid back in 20 years. The result is x euros per month roughly.

Call me if you need assistance to use the table.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I just almost fell of my chair.

But the really scary thing? The mortgage calculations that he has shown for each year of the loan take us to 2025. I guess that's what they call commitment...

Instruction to frog when he reads this post - don't freak. Bisous xxx

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