Thursday, February 03, 2005

White Van Man

I discovered last night that White Van Man is not just a British phenomenon following a narrow escape when I was nearly hit by a speeding mini van.

Exiting the office in St Ouen I waited patiently by the pedestrian crossing that links our office and the RER station. Miraculously, the approaching car slowed down to allow me to cross. Another car slowed down behind him and I made my way across the small street. However, a few seconds later approaching White Van Man decided to swing out from behind the the two waiting cars, move into the opposite lane and accelerate towards me.

Coming face to face (or rather windscreen to face) my adrenaline rush was such that - and I am sooo proud of this - I naturally swore at him in French! Yay for Putains! He sat in his van waving his hands and shouting silent obscenities at me, I waved my arms back, glared and then carried on my way home.

A true step forwards in language and cultural integration.

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Nyx said...

Well, you obviously know it by now, but beware all pedestrian crossings around Saint Ouen! (I like your comment 'miraculously the car slowed down to let me cross' sometimes it practically takes divine intervention, haha!) Actually I saw a white van just about knock over a pedestrian last week - in front of the St-Ouen RER, MAYBE IT WAS THE SAME GUY!?! :D)Glad to see you made it through unharmed ;) Glad I'm not the only one who gripes about the traffic! :)