Sunday, June 05, 2005

Biker Dude

Putting aside all thoughts of unpacking more boxes and cleaning I shall whisk back in time to three weeks ago in Buenos Aires. I was booked to go out on the Hen Night with the American bride, Gail, and a bunch of her friends and family. This left the Frog with no plans for the night.

"He should go with the boys" confirmed Gail. "They've got something planned. No idea what - but get him to meet at 8pm with my cousins who will be leaving from their hotel".

So, I rolled off for the girls' night (which turned into a very pleasant night of drinks, meal and more drinks).

Frog headed off - a little nervous - to spend the evening with a bunch of strange guys including the groom's Argentian friends and the bride's male relatives.

I got back around 4am to find Frog had got back just before me. And he'd had a great night.

Oiseau: How were Andres' friends?
Frog: Oh, yeah, very nice - a bunch of liars.
Oiseau: ?
Frog: Liars
Oiseau: Ahhh, lawyers like Andres.
Frog: And Gail's family and friends are great. I met Greg, Chris & Joe. Greg is so cool.

Greg was to come up in much of the conversation and time we were there. He was the ex-boyfriend of Gail's elder sister and although they'd split up decades ago he had since adopted her family.

Greg was a 56 year old Californian biker. Of the real biker ex-Vietnam service variety. His greying beard and worn face were just distractions from his twinkling eyes that were usually seeking out women to turn his honest charm on. His party trick was to show off the tattoos that mostly covered his body, including the skull across his back. He was some kind of new wonderful exotic person for the Frog.

Frog: He got injured in 'Nam and should have got the Purple Heart but he threatened his shrimp.
Oiseau: What?
Frog: Yes, his army shrimp.
Oiseau: Eh?
Frog: Oh no. You know...
Oiseau: Shrink.

At the beginning of the night of the wedding between the church and hotel I was with the wedding 'party' as bridesmaid and having photos taken and Frog had attached himself to Greg. Who in turn had attached himself to someone I only refer to as 'Malibu Barbie'.

Whilst the rest of the wedding celebrations were happening in the ballrooms of the plushest hotel in Buenos Aires, Greg had taken Frog under his wing and escorted a lovely New York friend of mine plus Malibu Barbie to the bar.

I can honestly say I have a tendancy to the jealous girlfriend . But in this case, I know that Frog only had eyes for one person at the bar. Greg. And Greg in turn kept coming up to me at the wedding to tell me what a great guy I had. Repetitively.

When we talk about our trip and favourite moments, he still comes up in Frog's "best bits". Which makes me smile because that's what travelling is about - the new people we meet that we would never encounter at home.

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